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  1. Ah, very cool thanks for chiming in with that! I won't feel too guilty then ;-) Best, VM
  2. Hi again, That's a good thought/consideration. I agree having many items may become prohibitive, especially with *flatter* menus. However, it doesn't take *that* many items for, say, a 4 level menu to balloon to near 1000 elements. Consider a 4-level menu. Suppose each level has 6 options. One example might be 6 locations, 6 labs per location, 6 instruments per lab, 6 options per instrument. That's nearly 1300 *menu items* from LabVIEW's perspective (total item tags, not simply the leaf entries), and isn't *too* crazy =) Hence, considering LabVIEW's ability to dynamically populate ~
  3. Thanks everyone for chiming in - this was great! Performance Note As an addition to the performance note, I also experimented to see when the dynamic menu generation might become prohibitive from a performance/user experience perspective. This will definitely depend on the machine running the app, but even on an old, modest Windows XP machine I observed reasonable performance: up to 1000 new menu items - virtually unnoticeable. 2000 - noticeable but tolerable 5000 - noticeable, possibly tolerable if absolutely necessary 10000 - prohibitive in my opinion (delay over 1 sec) Thanks ag
  4. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I think I may not have articulated the issue I'm seeing very clearly. Let me try again here. Basically this is a performance desire... I want to avoid having to generate the menu dynamically on *every* right click to the control. No problems managing the menu data and reading it in when the app initializes. Currently I have the code which does this and generates the new menu items dynamically, and that's running each time the menu is activated (on right-click). What I was *hoping* for was a way to update the menu *one time*, and have *all* subsequent me
  5. Hello all, I have a question about getting control run-time shortcut menus to persist after adding new items. I am hopeful that I'm simply missing something simple here. Known Information I understand the use of the "Shortcut Menu Activation?" event (for the control of interest) which provides the relevant control's menu reference for use with the menu VIs. No problems there. Problem I start with a control which has an .rtm file assigned as its run-time shortcut menu. I then generate new items dynamically using the event/menu mechanism noted above. The problem is that there doesn't se
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