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  1. I wasn't able to upload file and for this reason I send the file by email to nico Golzio
  2. Try to search "pdftk" on google. It is very simple to concatenate two or more pdf files using this tool and system exec. Bye Golzio
  3. Any feedback from guys that download the zip file?? Bye Golzio
  4. Hi guys, sorry for not replying during this day but I was very busy. I follow your advice and I was able to try the "IMAQ JPEG Decode.vi". It wasn't a good solution for me because I don't want (and I don't need) to use IMAQ Vision. For this reason I tried to fix my call library function to call the function "DecompressJPEG2Raw" contained in the Jpeg.dll attached here. I was able to fix it and for this reason I attached here my VI and and dll that I used. I also attached the jepg.h for someone that is interested to look at the prototype of the function contained in the Jpeg.dll
  5. I don't have to read a file but a stream of byte coming from a digital recording device through ethernet. I'm already able to read the frame if I ask the device to send the frame in a non compressed format and I used "Draw Flattened Pixmap.vi". In this case each frame is about 300k instead if I ask to the device to send the frame in Jpeg format the size is about 12k for a size fo 352x288. It's clear for me that's this is the best way but at the moment I'm not able to decode the jpeg frame coming from DVR Digimaster. I also try to use a function contained in the jpeg.dll but Labview hang even i
  6. I have frames coming from a DVR lan from digimaster. If I get the frame in tha raw format I'm able to display the image coming from the camera attacched to the DVR. If I change the frame format to JPEG I'm already able to receive the frame but I'm not able to decode the JPEG. I'm not using the Vision module for labview because It is not necessary for my work (I need only to decode a Jpeg frame that is an array of U8 at this moment). I also tried to use a function contained in a JPEG.dll that is called DecompressJPEG2Raw but, even in my opinion all the paramenter are passed correctly, It does
  7. Is there a way to programatically reorder controls in cluster?? Thanks in advance Alessio Colzi
  8. Hi, I have some little problem writing file on network disk. my application works 24 hours per day (using fieldpoint) and sometimes I have to write some report file (binary or ini file) on network. Usually I have no problem (I have to write very small files) but sometimes I have long delay. This behavoiur is very strange because network works fine (all my I/O is on fieldpoint network and I don't have problems) but my apps freeze without reason. I have one main question. Is it correct write a file on network using in the same way that I use when I have to write a file locally (FileOpen and th
  9. Hi, every time I tried to passe a Control Reference using "Set Control Value" I have the Error 1 (invalid input parameter at invoke node). Why is it not possible to pass a control reference using the invoke node?? Thanks Golzio
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