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  1. I went to the Arcade section expecting to see some LabVIEW games but they seem to all be flash games. Is there a place or post (could be this one?) that has some examples. If not, I could start it off. Created in LV 5.1 back in 2001. (converted and worked correctly in 7.1.1) Start Edit (Copied from Readme.txt) Note: Improvements could be made to these VIs to make this into a game but I was more concerned about the concept. Once I proved to myself it could be done, I got bored and moved on. Instructions: When the game starts you must select a *.pac file to load the level. Use the num
  2. I recently ported a custom control from one system to the next and I noticed that the colors changed from the original (and not all of them). (Also went from version 6.1 to 7.1) What I thought originally was a shade of gray is now linked to "Panel & Object" (which I assume is a system defined color). What is common practice so as to not run into this issue in the future? And is there a explanation/reason for having a System, User and History section on the Color Palette? When do you use which for what? Oh, the good old days. (Didn't someone revive the old LabVIEW color palette?) Th
  3. Thanks for the code demonstration. I had actually tried something similar before and decided to go with it. I placed the decorations and the control in a cluster so I can place multiple controls closer together. (See attached. LV v7.1 Must download both VIs.) I am still interested in finding a way to create custom decorations or controls by importing LV compatible vector graphics (that can be re-colored). Thanks again for all the help. Doug Download File:post-2152-1143831648.ctl Download File:post-2152-1143831657.ctl
  4. Thanks for the information. Does anyone know of a process or tool that will allow me to edit decorations or create new objects? Can I just try to edit or create them into Adobe Photoshop and save them as a file type that LabVIEW can read? I'll give it a try if no one knows for certain. Thanks again, Doug
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. For my first version, I used three color ramps to create the hexagon and would change the value of the other two to match the first. I did this by replacing the standard color ramp with a triangle decoration. (see attached VI) If it is possible to make custom decorations, I could just create a LabVIEW compatible decoration in the shape of a hexagon and have my control. Is there anything special about a LabVIEW decoration? I have tried copying the decoration to paint and then back into LabVIEW but it loses its ability to be edited (FG, BG color) like a normal (
  6. Does anyone know: 1) a way to import a graphic that allows it to be colored like native LV controls? or 2) create and import/use a custom decoration? I'm trying to use the old color ramp control but would like to have it be a hexagon shape. I've created one using a cluster of three color ramps (in example, LV 7.1) but was wondering if there was a way to create a custom hexagon decoration to import into the color ramp. I've used this method in the past to make up/down arrow buttons but was wondering what is the secret to importing a custom decoration that can still be colored (FG, BG) li
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