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  1. Hi Darren: Yes, that is a nice clean solution but don't you need the report generation toolkit to access that vi? I didn't think it was part of the "standard" report generation vi's. Unfortunately, I have the toolkit installed so it is not readily apparent to me. While we are on the topic. Is there any way to merge text and images into a file (say RTF) without using MS Word or Excel? I think you can only print a standard report. You can't save it... Thanks, Dave
  2. Download File:post-2159-1156864600.viHi All: John Brohan suggested I post this solution to Printing the front panel. It works using the standard report generation. Basically, you get the front panel image using a method from the vi server, save the image as a temporary jpeg, put it into a report, print the report and then cleanup. In this example, I have the report generation toolkit installed (it should work without that) so if you have problems with the report generation vi's just replace them with same. If it is a problem, email me and I will post a version with just the standard rep
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