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  1. Hi, I am writing this to get advice on something different here. I am entry level Electrical Engineer, with LabVIEW experience of one year, CLAD and CTD. Passionate about LabVIEW and NI stuff. Recently had a layoff issue and luckily ended up with two opportunities of becoming LV Programmer with Alliance partener or PLC Programmer (doing reverse engineering for legacy system - later on involved in new system development). I have a confusion with right career choice, Option 1. LabVIEW Programmer Less no. of people with this skillset so maybe higher pay, Comparatively Less Jobs, Continui
  2. Also see another method I am trying in which I have all 3 objects imported as a separate vrml and I called via one vrml. I tried different translate-rotate combination but nothings working out Now I am being able to attach it on LAVA, can you show me where I am making mistake. Also about the zooming thing methods you have suggested will zoom in/out complete scene, I wanted only particular part to be zoom. Thanks VugieSCARA 33v09.zip
  3. Thanks Vugie I will check those properties. Also have you looked at the 2009 v VI I attched on NI website. Can you please have a look.
  4. Hello Vugie ...Few more favors plzzz Is there a way I can focus and zoom in zoom out particular portion of the scene, I can do it along Z axis but it will zoom whole scene. I guess Camera Control setting but not getting how to do it. Also 1. When I RUN a vi, change camera (spherical) position and STOP a vi, next time I run my vi scene display shows last Camera position, Is there a way that for every new RUN of a program Scene Display erases old image and starts over again. Looks like re initializing Camera Position. 2. Scene in Continuous loop and Camera Controller >> Spherica
  5. Here it is ....I just got a reply from Ben to contact you.....Thanks a lot for your helpSCARA2009.zip
  6. I made SCARA Robot in Solidworks and imported in LAbVIEW using 3D Picture control toolkit. I am being able to access individual part.....however I still have some mating issues between few parts.... Please have a look at VI I have attached and see how Angle change for Arm2 gives weird Rotation, I guess center of Rotation needs to be moved but don't know how. Need help. Thanks in advance. SCARA.zip
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