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  1. I have attached the file. I want to store the number of times the boolean is pressed. Also I want to make other conditions so if the individual does not select the right choice it goes to a previous condition. For example, if the person selects the wrong choice in "psychometric 2" then it goes to the "psychometric " vi or condition. Any coding help would be GREATLY appreciated. Pyschometric_color_all.vi Pyschometric_color_all2.vi
  2. Howdy, I am having trouble coding a VI. I am wishing to make boolean based vi in which the user has to select a choice which color is brighter or dimmer? I want to randomize the choices so that it isn't always making a higher choice or alternate the presentation. I want to record the time of presses with the millisecond counter vi. I also want to record the number of correct and incorrect choices so that if they get 3 correct the colors seem closer in brightness and shift the color choices close to matching after 3 correct guesses until they get 3 incorrect guesses. Any insight on how to do this would help greatly. Thanks, Schola
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