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  1. Thanks for the reply crelf. I would prefer them to be in a dll but thats not a must. The ActiveX like interface is what I'm really after. I can put them in a class, but even then I dont know how to access them via property/invoke nodes. Any chance you could elaborate a bit? I could rewrite the VI's in C#. I'd rather keep them in LV though.
  2. I posted this at the ni forums but got no response. Hoping to have better luck here. I have a collection of VI's that relate to a machine. I would like to compile all of these to a DLL and be able to call each one via an invoke node. Something like a .net class or an activeX object. In the app builder I can build a dll but I dont want to use the call library function. I'd like to be able to use property nodes and invoke nodes to interact with the machine. I have several machines that use these and a single library would make life much easier. Thanks!
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