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  1. I am searching for an answer to this crucial question did someone tried LV 7.0 on Intel Imac ? does it work and if yes, ... - does the runtime function as well ? - any information about speed ?
  2. I finally succeeded in making it work - enable the Web Server (Option menu -> Web Server : configuration) - in the widget, fill the ip address and the number of port choosen - don't try to see a VI which don't have a ".vi" extension ! (or modify the widget code to delete this automatic addition ... it is really easy)
  3. Another great idea for breaking the enjoyment of working on a wonderful product and falling in a Micro...stuff world ! we are a really small company : 1 single person ! labview is installed on 3 machines 1 dual G5, 1 G4 Titanium and 1 on an old iMac 70% of the time, i am alone working and testing on theses three machines 30% of the time, i must admit i infringe the licensing scheme when inviting an intern (usually not paid) but during this period, i form a novice to a good (i try to) labview developper. 1) i won't be able to pay two licenses to be able to form an intern which i can't even pay ! 2) i won't ask every hour the authorisation to test on another machine perhaps one solution : divide the cost of LV by (at least) 2. i am sure it will be more used around the world and more profitable for NI than trying to fall into this new world of DRM which just pusch users to find a way to crack softwares (/music ...) when they just want to be quiet paying the right price for a good product which is sold thousands of time
  4. great - thank you a lot it works perfectly. but i don't know why it has to be so complicate. why don't they just use a reference id to communicate with a control, like hypercard did : send (this message) to (control id x) ??? i think this aspect could really be improved but it works !
  5. i need to send a valuesignaling event to a control which is in a tab in another VI. but cannot figure out how to catch the reference of this control as the list of controls just send me the reference of the tab control. does somebody know how to get it ?
  6. great great GREAT ! that's exactly it ! it does it perfectly i just guess if it is really necessary to close the references really a lot of thanks it is a really elegant way to update an interface without consuming processing time with a permanent checking of globals and by the way i think i understand better now how these references work thanks a lot again pascal
  7. the thing is that i don't want to respond to any event i just want to send one just like we do with "value (signaling)" event in fact i am trying to send this event but tear my hairs off to figure out if it possible. i can't find a way to create a reference to a button which belongs to a different vi
  8. yes i did it before posting. the thing is that the VI constantly check if all vi's in memory are running and i was trying to avoid this with just sending an event (they should look at NI the way hypercard worked ...) and for active x : no way, i am developping on a mac and just want to use cross platform tools !
  9. thanks for your answer but that's not exactly what i was searching for your method allow to send a special event to another VI (vi-2) but obliges you to share a reference to that event via a global variable and to create this reference before VI-2 runs that's why i would like to send a known event which wouldnt need to create a special event and for exemple be able to simulate a timeout event in VI-2, ordered by VI-1 but i could replace the timeout event with a keydow event or whatever is not used in VI-2 and wouldn't interact with his functionalities. the idea is to make know to VI-2 when n Vi's like VI-1 are closed by the user but without needing to check constantly if n windows are opened and use the power of the event functionality which is more responsive and less time consuming
  10. generating events when changing cursor position on graph or when an array index has been modified on the front panel, is really needed
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