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  1. calico

    WiFi at NI Week?

    Great! Thanks a bunch.
  2. calico

    WiFi at NI Week?

    For all you NI Week veterans--is there good free wifi at NI Week?
  3. calico

    NI week questions

    Excellent insight, thank you. I did more talking with my co-workers, and we're definitely set on going. We might choose between the Full, Sessions, and One Day depending on our individual schedules and needs. Hopefully one last question: What is the "Conference" without the sessions? Here's how NI describes the Sessions Only pass: Sessions Only Pass: Includes access to keynotes, sessions, and expo booths only. The Full says "conference" instead of sessions, so my guess is that the Sessions Only does not get you into any workshops (or any food, but that's clearly stated). Anyone know about th
  4. calico

    NI week questions

    Thanks a bunch everyone. My choices are now narrowed down to Full Conference, Sessions Only, or just go next year after I have a better understanding of Labview (though the LAVA BBQ party sounds tempting enough on its own ). One main problem is that my company recently got into Labview, and we only have a vague idea on what we are going to do with it. I have one small project to do once our DAQ comes in (o-scope related), and a possible embedded systems project. Other than that, we are not sure. As much fun as NI week sounds, would it be more sensible to skip out and get the appropriate cours
  5. I have never been to NI week, so I have to ask some potentially silly questions. What exactly is the conference section of NI week? Is it worth it for someone that doesn't know much about Labview? Here are the registration choices I am looking at: Full Conference: Includes three-day conference and exhibition admission, meals, exhibition receptions, and evening events. Expo Plus Pass: Includes access to keynotes and exhibition hall plus all meals, receptions, and evening events. Exhibition Pass: Includes access to keynotes and exhibition hall only. The Full Conference pass i
  6. I'm new here, but I definitely would like to join! I'm actually a Labview newbie as well, but hopefully I will have some decent experience under my belt by the time NI week rolls around. I miss Austin BBQ. Nothing in Houston comes close =(.
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