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  1. Why not use the facebook group, naming a selection of ideas now and then and linking to the new ideas page?
  2. To me that sounds like an array that has is growing and need to allocate more memory. LV allocates a chunk of memory for the array when it is created, if that memory space is about to run out it allocates another chunk of memory. Have you tried using Initialize Array to define the array siza from the start? //Martin
  3. Are the classes siblings? If there is a parent class that in one way or the other happen to have a dependancy on its child class I believe this might happen. Check if the second class is loaded when opening the first class.
  4. I just want to comment about what the big deal is. We've encountered the problem, and thanks to forums like this managed to find out what the problem was. The problem struck us when we were upgrading to 7.1 from an earlier version, and since the application makes use of the properties of about a hundred captions it was a bit tedious. I could well imagine larger applications not wanting to upgrade due to this.
  5. :worship: Very good idea, the lack of this function is rather annoying. I often find wires that are totally useless left in my code, that were put there for the purpose of probing. Of course, much due to my "Yes, it works now! Save. Close." mentality.
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