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  1. Hi jcarmody, I apologize, it works, I can use the read ini cluster, and the timestamp is well decoded. Do you have any idea how the time stamp is coded ? I would like to be able to use this ini file in other language like C++... Best regards,
  2. Hi all, I've a problem using the read//write INI cluster, specially with timestamps : With this code, the ini created is : [My beautiful cluster] Start = "\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00\00" End = "\00\00\00\00ÉÌvÉ\06,@\00\00\00\00\00" And as you can see, the read ini cluster won't be able to decode the ini to restore datas ! Any idea ? Best regards,
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