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  1. Hello, Thanks for answering! I had to install .NET 2.0 SP1 to get it to work. Some information can be found here.
  2. Hello, I have successfully built my application with the application builder. The application is a plug-in architecture where I have paths to different .lvclass files internally in the .exe file which I have set to "always included" in the build. The different classes will be loaded dynamically When I run the executable on my development machine it start up and everything works fine. But when I want to run in on another machine with only the LV runtime installed I get the following error Error 22A8 "Error requires full development system to be solved" How is that? anyone know w
  3. Thanks for the feedback =) I'll be away the next week so I can't do some experiements until week 10 so I let you guys know how it is working out when im back at work week 10.
  4. Hi Some background: I have a LabVIEW client application that has created 10 TCP Connections to 10 different servers on the network. Each TCP connection is on the same TCP port and each of the TCP connections is running in its own loop parallel to each other. I have created a subVI that is reentrant and set to ”preallocated clone reentrant execution” and have a TCP connection as parameter and is called from each of the loops. The subVI is responsible for making a TCP write to the server and then do a TCP read to wait for the response from the server. The response time for each of the s
  5. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it. We have started to refactor some of our the code using Factory pattern, dependency Injection and we should also look into the dependency inversion principle to decouple our layers and to improve our load time. I think it will be to much refactoring for this project at the moment, but for the next project we can easier make it right from the start with these design patterns in mind. I voted for the idea at the idea exchange, but someone hit the number #100 before me, i was number #101 =) Thanks again!
  6. Some background: We have several large LabVIEW applications and the latest project we are working with have almost 9000 VI's. The application is used for simulating the environment for a control system so that we can test the logic of the system. The application consist of several layers: Graphical layer Application interfaces layer Application logic layer Signal interfaces layer Hardware layer We used to develop our applications with an older version of the GOOP toolkit but for the latest project we been working on for over a year now we started to work with labVIEW classes. This gave
  7. Never mind, i found out in another thread. /Thomas
  8. The link now take you to a closed group at ni.com, have they moved the presentaitons to another page or is it possible for everyone to get access to the group? /T
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