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  1. Thanks Michael,I will follow your advice!
  2. Hello njkirchner , I am thankful for your quick response. I built and tried the vi and found that it counts up to n-1 rather than n. If my second numeric control is set to 10 the max count will be 9. Any ideas on fixing it? Also is there a way of resetting the numeric indicator to 0 at start up? Much obliged!
  3. I am totally new to Labview programming and I guess I haven't yet fully learned the ropes. I have two numeric controls and a numeric indicator on the front panel. The two controls represent starting and ending values. I want to display the numbers from start value, start value plus one to end value sequentially on the display but only when I receive a (boolean?) response from the rest of the block diagram. I hope someone can help. :headbang: Thanks!
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