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  1. Maybe i wasnt explaning my self or i could be wrong so hear i go i understud that dll or not sopported by mac, Im doing a DAQ hardware and labview is my controler in software is there a way where i can use my pic on mac to comunicate to labview to send and recive info thanks sorry for my bad spelling..
  2. Hi i found this files on a other fourm to be able to call the pic from labview can any one tell me if this could work on mac im still trying to make my project work cuz all i have is a mac and realy hate windows thanks. DLL in labview
  3. thanks for answering i was reading on microchip page over pic 18f4550 and it say they can be use on mac but in just starting to use pic to its all for my clase i have this semester and have to turn this proyect where i have to make a pic work like a daq and labview has to control it if theres any one who's doing this pleas help thanks i fould this bord you could look at it it works http://www.electronics-diy.com/electronic_schematic.php?id=931
  4. I doing the same thing im using a usb-6008 daq on my macbook but my teacher is using windows so when you config your daq you have to export or copy your mac DAQmx VIs to a file and do the same on windows VIs or make two VI one for mac and one for windows. Im new in labview i just have 8 weeks using it so thats what im doing and its working.
  5. Hi to all im trying to make my demo board i found in this page Ston10.com and trying to connect it to my Macbook but it dosent soport the dll file given by microchip it says error the file you selected is not a valid library, can any one help me thanks ill send the VI im using.
  6. i am student in electronics I have a USB DAQ-6008 and runs on Mac OS 10.6.7 in LabView 2010 pro SP1 I'm trying to do a homework for my class, I can't find the option where MAX (New NI-DAQmx Task MAX) comes out i had to do it in windows but would like to do it in mac hope you could help thanks.
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