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  1. Hello, i would like to monitor my whole wifi network using my wifi dongle Asus USB-N13 dongle. The idea is to get whole information about wifi environment. So it basically means to write an app that will show me names of all access points around and their signal strength. I was not able to find any good example how to obtain this information, or how to communicate with any wifi modules.
  2. ok this is solution and i can do this really fast, but is there some usual way?
  3. Hi, i have question about array of clusters. I want to do some list of commands where i use table of arrays. In array are 2 tables one string and one image controller. I found code that find me active (clicked cell in this array but is there any way how to highlight this cell? I tried to changed background color of this cluster but this change color for whole table. Can you help me. My program is attached. editor.vi ClickedArrElement.vi
  4. Hello, i would like to ask you about serial port communication. I am currently trying to make application for communication with my stepper motor (Microcon), but it doesnt work. If i try to communicate with original software, my serial port monitor gives me values IRP_MJ_WRITE when i write some values and IRP_MJ_READ when i try to read from serial port But when i am using LabView i am only able to send IRP_MJ_WRITE function using VISA write component (so this one works good), but when i use VISA read component my serial port monitor gives me only IRP_DEVICE_CONTROL. Have you any sugestion where can be problem? I have no idea how to get this IRP_MJ_READ function using LabView VISA component.
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