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  1. I got all the required tools now and installed it. In the Tools menu of LabView is now a menu item "Build for PDA", but it's disabled. Are there certain circumstances that have to be fulfilled before this option gets enabled?
  2. Hi, I'd like to build some software for my pda (Windows Mobile 2005), but I can't find the option to biuld it for a PDA. In the help is written that it's operate->switch Execution target->Select Target with Options But there is no "Switch Execution Target" in my operate menu.
  3. Hello, I thought of making an application with voice recognition, but I would save a lot of time if LabVIEW would already provide such code. Is there something like that? Should be. cheers
  4. but how do I know the function that I have to call in Delphi (in my case)? First I thought that the function description would be in the *.h file but it's not. Of course I could just gess the syntax by using the dll name as function name and fill the paramaters in order as I created them in LabView, but would be better to have a decent description. And how do I have to handle clusters? Is that a Record in Delphi? There are also other types that could be a problem, like a notifier.
  5. Hi, I would like to use LabView for the Hardware Interface and also for Internet and WLan because everything is allready prepared for that, but I would like to have for some other Applications a special GUI written by Delphi, because the probabilities are much bigger with Delphi. So is it possibel to save the LabView Program as a dll? Or is there another way?
  6. I can hardly imagine a program that is not wider or taller than my screen. Only the loading in saving of the variables take together more than the screen. And the terminals (I dont use terminals in the code, only variables ( for better overview)) plus the initialisation with the property nodes take nearly a 2nd screen. But thanks for advise, I will try to get rid of code using subVI's, So I have to make a lot more of my variables global.
  7. my current project (my first) is measured in pixel around 8000 Pixel in width and maybe 1200 heigh. Of course I could create some subVI's, but it's quite difficult to seperate the code because everything affects everything. I would like to upload a picture, but my screen has "only" 1440 x 900 Pixels and I'm not going to take 12 Screenshots
  8. Hi, in the picture is shown how I changed the scale of my dial to inverted, but now I have to set this property on runtime because it depends on a user choice. Isn't it possibel to set that property? Couldn't find anything in the property node. thank for trying to help
  9. changing the thread priority of LabView to real time solved the problem. But strange anyway.
  10. Hi, I have the multiple Analog Output circuit as you can see in the picture. The strange thing about is that I have around every 2 sec a cpu usage of 99%. The paradoxically thing is that the system thread uses that and not labview. But as soon as I stop the vi the cpu usage is 0%. And that doesn't happen with other VI's running, so it seems to be a problem of my programming. But what's the problem ?? I also tried other VI's with Analog Output. No problem.
  11. Hi, in my main vi I open from a menu item an other vi (sort of dialog box (options)). If this vi closes a case structure should be executed. I tried that with an occurence and a global occurence refnum, but the global occurence refnum in the main vi does'nt change if I change this refnum in the dialog box. How could I do that?
  12. now I found it :headbang: sorry for bothering (it's in the Application Control section....for the case anyone wanted to know.....no idea why I never searched there before)
  13. Hi, sounds very easy but I couldn't find a way. There is a property called pages of the property node of the tab control that is a array of refnums. But what should I do with the refnum?? The only terminals I know that use refnums are the I/O File terminals, but I need a property node of pages I guess. But from where??
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