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  1. XNodes - A Crash Course (PowerPoint)

    This was presented at the 02/22/07 LAVA meeting.
    Discusses the various aspects of both XNodes and External Nodes, shows comparisons, and shows example usage.
    I ended up skipping over two of the "Creating XNodes" pages since Aitor Solar's XNode Manager is a much better place to create your XNodes with.
    View the comments page



  2. Picture Hacks

    Copyright © 2006, Adam Rofer
    All rights reserved.
    Adam Rofer
    --see readme file for contact information
    A couple of Picture datatype hacks to illustrate the structure of the (LV 6.1 - LV 7+ is untested) picture control.
    -- Main VIs --
    Example - Show How Picture Is Made.vi:
    Main example, shows (incrementally) how a specific picture is generated by displaying the picture with each packet
    incrementally added. Good way to see how your own pictures display information.
    Comma-delimited file explicitly describing the packet types and their requirements / uses.
    Tool - Picture concat.vi:
    Given two pictures, concatenates the data to create a single overlapped picture.
    Tool - Packets to Picture.vi:
    Given an array of picture packets (cluster), generates a picture.
    Tool - Picture to Packets.vi:
    Given a picture, generates an array of picture packets.
    -- Utility subVIs --
    sub - 8-Bit string to 32-Bit number.vi:
    utility VI to cast a string to a 32-bit number. Typecast might work instead but this is more explicit.
    sub - Find Opcode:
    Given a picture data string that has the size header removed, this will extract an opcode from the front.
    sub - Strip top of and check picture.vi:
    Utility VI to strip the header (size) from a picture data string so that it can be scanned for packets.
    Change Log:
    1.0.1: (11/13/06)
    Cleaned up code for LAVA requirements:
    - Renamed VIs for clarification of purpose
    - Fixed coercion dots
    - Added 0ms delays in all loops
    - Added error encapsulation in some subvis
    - Replaced local variable for cluster to constant in order to limit thread swapping between the user interface and code threads
    1.0.0: (11/07/06)
    Cleaned up code from 6i 2001 version for submission.



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