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  1. my programme need to access to the isa card with port io subvis. But when i install my programme in a brand new win2000 system, it can not access to isa card, which means there is no data can be read from the isa card. However, when i install the whole LV, my programme can work. And i uninstall the LV, my programme still can work. I guess the LV must leave something in the OS. But i have no clear idea now. Can you tell me what should i do to avoid this happen? I just want to install my programme in a brand new win2000 system, then it can read the data from the isa card correctly.Thanks!
  2. With your help. I can find those properties in my LV7, but all of the new property are read only. I cannot write to them, Should I add some more script?
  3. I find another problem, my exe file has a button to stop the file running and exit Lv. But when I click it, there is a warning dialog said this application error. some memory cannot be read. I donot know why.
  4. Thanks. So you mean I should check my OS to make sure the ADO is installed first. By the way, I had installed the NI database toolkit in LV7, when I installed LV8, I uninstalled the all parts of Lv7. And I just copy some VIs from the NI database toolkit in Lv7 to the project I make in Lv8, is this related to my problem? Then I find another problem, my exe file has a button to stop the file running and exit Lv. But when I click it, there is a warning dialog said this application error. some memory cannot be read. I donot know why.
  5. how can i script the lv ini-file? where and what should i change it? Thanks
  6. My programme uses Microsoft ADO to access database files. When I used LV7 to build my programme, it's ok. I can use the exe file. :laugh: But when I try to build the programme in LV8, I find the application builder in LV8 is different from it in LV7. And my programme which part is concern with ADO does not work. :headbang: There is a setting option about ActiveX server name in LV8's applicaiton builder, should I set it? And how do I set? Thanks! :worship:
  7. I had some database programme which were programmed in LV 7.0. They can run in LV7.0. But when I install LV8.2, these programme can't read or write data to database. And there is an error"-2147352571" The reason said by LV8.2 is: Error -2147352571 occurred at Rec Destroy - Connection.vi->DB Tools Select All Data.vi->子界面-历史图形.vi Possible reason(s): 类型不匹配。 in DB Tools Fetch Table Data.vi->DB Tools Select All Data.vi->子界面-历史图形.vi The chinese reason means "Type mismatches ". I don't know why, :headbang: why I can't use these programmes in LV8.2 HELP!! :worship:
  8. Thanks a lot. :thumbup: So you mean that I have to install LV8 to solve this problem for LV7 hasn't this property node, right?
  9. in my program, i collect several kinds of data, i need to display these data by different charts in the same panel. According to the user's comment, these chart' Y axis range and X axis range should initialized and changed , just like the example. However, you can find the two charts' display area do not snap to the same grid. That means , when i change Y axis range, the display area of the charts will change. In the word file, you can find when i add the code like the left part of the picture showen, the front panel will change like the right part of the picture. :headbang: My English is not good, but the question has to be solved as soon as possible. Thanks! :worship: Download File:post-2513-1153817951.vi Download File:post-2513-1153818045.doc
  10. my program need to control printer and scanner, but i dont know how to do this. i need help Thanks
  11. as the topic, i want the wait time less than 1ms. At the same time, i cannot use an empty loose to generate the wait time, for it will take the CPU time. Thank you! :worship:
  12. you know, the origin vi is included in the picture.llb which is offered by NI. These files have no diagram. how can i do with them?
  13. in my program, i do use some property node, but none in the program using the "draw text in rec.vi". and i didnt change this part of program, why cannt i build this time? and my purpose to use the "draw text in rec.vi" is show some words in my picture.
  14. i built a application a few days ago. In the source code of that application, i used "draw text in rec.vi". The application is still working now. But when i try to build another application using "draw text in rec.vi" today, labview show me the message attached below. i dont know why i built last time, no problem happend, but this time there is a really big problem please help me:worship:
  15. just as you said, i use queue to transfer data between different threads in which arrays are used to gather calculated values. The function of this thread is calculating the data indexed from the array transfered by the first queue, then build these calculated values into a new array. After that, put the new array into another queue. i think i have to use queue and array to realize this function. But how to limit the usage of memory?
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