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  1. Well, I have found a way to "use shortcuts". Create a QuickDrop-Plugin. Refer to this Blogpost on how to do this: http://labviewartisan.blogspot.com/2009/08/write-your-own-quick-drop-keyboard.html That way you will be able to get a Shortcut Combination, that will be like [Ctrl] + [space] --> [Ctrl] + [someKey]. You can also use Shift to further specify the Plugin's behaviour. Cheers David
  2. Well, never mind. Labview uses a customized menu and AutoHotKey cannot trigger Menu Items with WinMenuSelectItem ... davidwm
  3. Since it seems Ni still has not changed anything in the support of Menu Shortcuts for Custom Tools and I did not exactly know how to Listen to global Keyboard inputs, I came up with another solution to this issue. Take AutoHotKey and Use the WinMenuSelectItem Function. can be read from WinActive and Menu is &6 (for Tools, might be a different name in other Languages, therefor use number), use Names for the SubMenus (you should know your own titles). Done. You would still have to code an additional Program (with AutoHotKey) and supply it with you Tool as well as automatically start it on
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