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  1. Hey Christian, Yes I've done that. The Sales Engineer didn't seem very knowledgable on anything other than the common solutions utilizing the labview hardware. Its fine hardware, but its just orders of magnitude too expensive, and too large to be packaged in our environment. He was (understandably) very discouraging of any other solutions. Is there a particular group or product expert that I could consult? Thanks, Paul
  2. Hi Everyone, We would like to use the Labview front end language for a specific control systems application, but target it towards very specific 3rd party hardware. This is a deeply embedded system that cannot use NI hardware as the custom hardware is very ruggedized for certain environments, small in size, and low cost. Our goal is to leverage the Labview language but build the rest ourselves, including toolkits with blocks that our customers can understand, and a code compiler that would target to our custom hardware. Honestly, I am not very familiar with Labview myself, some of our people are. But my question is about the options available to add-on products to labview. Is it commercially (i.e. permissible by NI) and technologically possible to target labview at completely custom hardware and is it possible to build very custom apps around lab view like our own target code generator/configuration. In essence, we'd like to build a custom tool chain using Labview at the core, and target it at our own hardware. Thanks, Paul
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