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  1. But how? With a right click an my parentclass there is no property point in the menu to make such a setting.
  2. I have a problem with making a class a childclass from another. The parentclass is in a different order and different projekt folder then my childclass. In the childclass project explorer I mark my childclass and select from the properties-Inherentance the parentclass. This works and with "Show class hirarchy" I can see that my class is now a childclass. But when I open my parentclass project and look there the "Show class hirarchy" I can't see children classes neither with "Find->Children". Because of this my dynamic vi's don't work. What is the problem?thx!
  3. Hello! I have a English Labview Version 10.0 (32-bit) and I can open with it all VIs from a German Labview Version 10.0.1 (32-Bit) with ServicePack1. BUT in the other way it doesn't! If I want to open with my German Version a modified Vi from the English Version I get a error message "Die Datei ist keine Ressourcedatei" (Translated something like: "The file is no resource file"). What can I do?
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