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  1. Thanks Jcarmody, I tried to use Instrument I/O Assistant, but when I click Instrument Assistant pallet, the message appeared, "Measurement and Automation Explore or the instrument I/O assistant is not installed correctly" Thanks for your time.
  2. Hello, I am learning to Data Accquisition chapter now. My question is I have connected my PC with GPIB cable to Agilent 34970A and with USB to NI-8451 ( I2C). When I open DAQ Assistant labview, it appeared a new window called Create New... and I click Acquire Signal - Analog Input - Voltage, The message said, " --No Support Device found". Even I have Agilent 34970A and NI-8451 connected to my PC. Can you please help me this issue? I might be missed somethings here Thanks Ken
  3. Hello, In order to learn LabWindow CVI, what C or C++ program should I learn first? Thanks CVN
  4. Do I have to install this labview 8.0 on different PC ? Is there any option 32-bit and 64-bit on the same laptop?
  5. Hello, I tried to install labview 8.0 on my laptop ( vista window). The error message pop up : " The installation is not suported on 64-Bit operating System". It cancels this instalation. Is there anyone can help me this issue? Thanks in advance. CVN
  6. CVN

    Case Structure

    Enclosed is the Case structure to set "false" default temperature warning 2.vi
  7. CVN

    Case Structure

    Hi Sharon, Enclosed is one my activites. I tried to add a Case Struture with "False" default on to the middle of program, but the labview program is covered by the case False structure. temperature warning 1.vi
  8. Hello, I wrote a small labview program to check the temperature. As soon as I added a Case structure with "False" case on it, my program is disappeared and doesn't display my labview program. Please help Thanks CVN
  9. Hello, I am just finished 1 month trial, but not enough time to continue to learn labview because the trial is expired. I need one more month to finish learning. How can i get another month for trial out ? Thanks CVN
  10. Thanks for your response. After compiling it as the .EXE and buil the installer and in order to let the labview EXE file to control an Agilent 34970A and a multiflex module 349701A to test the Power Supply, what do we need to specify to let the labview control the Agilent 34970A as Automatic Test? Thanks again CVN
  11. Hello, I have learned labview for a while and wrote some labview programs on control panel and block diagram. That's all I have done, and I have never done using the labview program that I wrote to put it into real application like to run and test a Power Supply by the labview program on the lab. Would anyone show me the steps and a list of package or devices that needs to apply my labview into test a Power Supply Unit. what are the steps will need to be done after finishing a labview program? Thanks in advance. CVN
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