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  1. Hi, I'm working on a program to implement and controle two stepper motors ( MG17) using the same interface, my problem is that I can not control both of them in same time. If I use the jogging button of one of them ( for exemple: the 1st motor) , the interface shows that they are both controlled, but in reality just the 1st is running .. and vice versa. Thank you for helping me. vitesse.vi
  2. thank you for your reply Ned. I want to control the motor speed.i used for that the methode SetVelParams.this method contains 5 commands (SetVelParams,IchanID,fMinVel,fAccn,fMaxVel) I don't know what value can take IchanID,SetVelParams,fAccn?? i have a documentation(see pages 52-->55) but the methods in this documentation are not well explained . http://www.thorlabs....0/13956-D01.pdf
  3. Hi , I am an engineering student and I'm working on an application with labview as a final year project. my project is to implement an interface to control 2 motors (speed,angle/step, position....) with the same interface . so,I started my program with just one motor, i used for that the methods and properties of MG17 motors (like: getposition ,setvelparams...) , but I don't know exactly how to work with some commands,like IchanID and fAccn ... Please help! encours.vi
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