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    CAN Get Names.vi

    Hello, This time i want to set up a CAN communication via the Channel API. I read the documentation 3-4 times up and down, but unfortunately it won't work. Does someone have some experience in using the Channel API? Even if I would get messages, i don't really know what to do with it, because its a DBL value and not bytes, like I get when using the Frame API. Would be great if someone could explain, how to convert the received data and how to prepare the data to be ready for sending. I attached my vi here, if you like to see what I made wrong Thanks in advance, Vayu Download File:pos
  2. Vayu

    CAN Get Names.vi

    Hi, does someone know, how i can get the message IDs to the channel names? Thanks in advance Vayu
  3. hello, does anyone know how to do this? thanks in advance Vayu
  4. Hello, i am looking for a way to remote-start my VI. I thought of a script which is also some kind of wrapper. There is a Perl Server, which holds some data and the information what to do with it. At the time of the Server Startup, LabView should not be running. LabView should start, when it is called by the "script". I know there is a C API for LabView, but all googling or looking around through the tutorials at the NI site didnt give me information about it. Maybe someone knows if it is possible to do smoething like that? Example below set object_x.value 15start object_x Thanks i
  5. Hello dhuff, Thank you for taking your time @First thing: The channel was setup correctly, following the instructions in the LabView Help (opened MAX, then created a message and a channel for it. Assigned all 64 Bits to the channel) @Second Thing: I had a listener (PeakCAN Viewer). Damn thing is, it seems he is only listening, but NOT acknowledging the messages, what also leads to an error frame. @Third Thing: I'll do in the future, I promise @Fourth Thing: GREAT, i think i searched the false menus for those examples. I think they should help me getting some connection started Than
  6. Hello, not much to say i am trying and trying to send messages over the NI CAN Card, but it doesnt work. the receiving part is a CAN Interface (Peak CAN -> USBtoCAN) i tried to send data over the MAX test panel. Actually there is going data over the cable (tested with an oscilloscope) but the counterpart seems not to know what to do with it. PeakCANView does not show any kind of received data. Does someone of you have some experience with CAN Cards? Would be great , if you could post a VI which sends messages. i found a NI tutorial for CAN VIs, but there is only shown how to read f
  7. my problem was, that i didn't find an indicator for the connID but now i found out how to create one right-click on the tunnel of the connID -> create indicator now that i have an indicator for the ID I can wire it as explained yesterday i was missing the word "indicator" in my first post here too sorry if it was hard to understand
  8. hello again smile.gif, yesterday i learned, how to pass parametres from a sub VI to the executing VI. Now i am asking me, how i can pass a connection ID of a connection, which was setup in the subVI. i thought, maybe i could convert the ID to a string or something, but I didnt find anything to do so. Is there a way, to pass the conID to the executing VI? Thanks in advance Ben
  9. ok i found the show connectors. i also found out how i can show the connector regions in the VI itself. But I can't connect anything to it edit: ok now i got it Thank you
  10. Hello, i am totally new, however i managed to set up a tcp connection to a server, and receive some data. That data has to be forwarded to my COM1 Port, which will sent it somewhere else. I dont want to put all in one VI. Instead i'd like to "include" my tcp-vi in the COM-VI, as an icon, like all the other functions. i tried to right-click and "choose VI ..." When i load the one VI into the other, it has _no_ in- or outputs. How can i define the in and outputs of a VI? As input i want to have a server IP and the port. As output just an integer. Thanks in advance.
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