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  1. Well, this did not really solve my problem, but it gave me the idea to use it the other way around. This is really really ugly, but I am creating a single ini from all other inis in the directory and use that one to read it into my config cluster. Thanks...
  2. Well, reading all files in a folder is easy, the problem are the clusters! How can I pass the correct cluster to OpenGs read ini vi? I tried a lot and in the end I always fail because clusters are so extremely static.
  3. Hi, I am currently using OpenG to read an INI file into a big cluster (with subclusters), split that one up and save the subclusters into shared variables. Not this is ok, although it is very static. Now what I am trying to achieve is splitting the sections of my INI files into separate files. For simplicity the file name should be the section name and so on. The problem is that clusters are extremely static and I can't get anything to work. The perfect thing would be something like the attached. Pass a directory and a cluster to a subvi, get the cluster with values from INI back. The fi
  4. Hi, I've seen quite a few posts and questions about LabView and GIT integration and since I am a real GIT lover I was able to convince my professor to offer me a project about this topic. And now since this project has become very useable I would like to share it with the LabView community: LabViewGitEnv Currently only windows is supported, but porting this to linux or mac should be really easy, so if you want to use it on Mac or Linux then please contact me. I have not done any GUI stuff yet, but this will come soon. It would be very nice to have some people test this and send i
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