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  1. i just write a code to call a dll which is written by Labview. but when i finished ,it show the error:"labviewv.lib could not locate "ni_variable_UnregisterProviderCallback"", who can tell me what's wrong?
  2. it give a different result ,so i think it is so strange what do you meaning ? can you tell me more details?
  3. i use labview to build a dll to measure audio SNR,but when i use my program to call this dll ,its result is diffrent from the procedure result in labview,what is the matter with it? my computer program is written in C++bulider.
  4. thanks very much. for your information, i had wrriten a successful program.
  5. thanks very much for your answer. but i am so sorry to tell you .because my labview's version is 2009,so i can't open your vi.
  6. thanks very much! can you help me to offer me a sample? i am a freshman.
  7. when i use the NIDAQ.dll,in the labview .it can run and show it data ,but if i call this dll,the result is null ,what's wrong? NIDAQ_070528.zip test_dll.vi
  8. when i use event structure,I edit a event which need two events(Boolean value change and mouse down) to control。 what can i do with it?
  9. thanks very much,the photo you provide is just what i need。
  10. when i use those controls,i can‘t find ways to set control value,what can I do about it?can you give me a example?
  11. Would you mind telling me how it works ? I need a simple example。
  12. I cant find this vi,where can i find it?
  13. when i use vi scripting to open a new window named as B.vi ,meantime, i want to transfer a value to B. vi ,what can i do about it?
  14. when i want to save a vi,it show this error information (cannot help information of CSAN.vi),what's wrong?
  15. thanks very much. The picture described is what I want to say。who can help me?(drer is the initial value)
  16. in the test.vi,I want to add to use String2 to control this case structure,what should I do? test.vi
  17. i mean I want to set two types of control condition,the first one is the initial value and the initial value is a string。 the other one is the value when the forward case structure run over the case structure return。meanwhile ,this value is Dynamic data。
  18. I want to use case structure vi, that has a prolem. it has a Initial value(it is a string),but case run over,it will return a return value. I will use the return value to control this case structrue as a condition station .meanwhile ,the return value may use as a input value. what can I do to solve this problem?
  19. for your information,i understand i maybe forget the "Set File Position"。 but i’m puzzled because i didn't Close file refnum, its running is ok. so whether i must add “close File”,if i don‘t use it,what will happen?
  20. when use this vi to write my data,why the data i had written don‘t exist。it just remain the data i just write。what did it happen? why this vi don't need close vi but the key need ?thanks very much
  21. I user Open Config Data VI to program a mini vi, I make sure the section and the key exist,but when I run it, I cant't find the value in the .ini. Who can tell me how did it happen? write_key.vi
  22. thanks a lot. for you information ,i handle with the problem.
  23. I don't konw how to attach my vi.
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