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  1. I'm setting up some customer error codes, I haven't done it in a while and want to do it properly.In the error code editor dialog box help, I see the following It's a bit pedantic but I just want to make sure I'm not off track. The name of the error codes, this would just be project X for me. Does that sound right? Thanks, Seán
  2. Hi All, There's a new LabVIEW stack exchange proposal started on stack exchange (surprisingly enough!). Just thought I'd post here in case anyone is interested in joining. https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/114168/labview-and-ni-applications Ciao, Seán
  3. Hi All, I work in a company where we have full development licenses and base development licenses. I can create 3D graphs on my full development PC but they are unuseable on the base development systems. Does anyone know if there is an OpenG 3D graph or equivalent that could be used on a base development system? Thanks, Sean
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