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  1. Thanks, jgcode. I will give it some thinking.
  2. I got official reply from NI engineers: Also look at the following example for reconfiguring pulse frequency during a finite task, it would be useful if you want an exact number of pulses but don't need the updates to occur deterministically. https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-6109 Thanks guys
  3. Hey, JG, yep, i've searched through the examples. I didn't find any one using Counter Write NSamp.
  4. Hi, I wrote the following program trying to output a series of 100 samples of pulses whose frequency is ramping up from 10 to 100. Device: PCI-6229. I got error: -201291: Pulse specifications cannot be written to a finite counter output task on this device. I do not know what was wrong. Basically I have no idea how to use the vi, DAQmx Write: Counter Freq NSamp 1Chan or NChan I do know how to use property node to change frequency and duty cycle on the fly. However, In this particular post I would like to know how to use this NSamp VI. Thanks.
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