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  1. i have to randomly place sensors in an area and then divide it into grid. then i have to select a node per grid to act as a coordinator. the source coordinator floods the packets to other coordinators and finally it reaches the sink. How can i simulate a sensor node and a packet? any examples/links?
  2. Hii... I am working on a project "Grid Based Routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks". I have to simulate it. Presently i intend to do it using MATLAB. I want to know whether it is possible to simulate it using LabVIEW. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your replies. well i got the desired frequency domain waveform using the FFTvi from the signal processing>>waveform measurements palette. But when i use the FFT vi from the signal processing>>Transforms palette i am not able to get the similar waveform. kindly have a look at the attached VI and correct me. Thanks upload.vi
  4. Hey shaun...Thanks for suggesting. I have chosen Gender Recognition using labview as my project. You got any tips about how to start working on it?
  5. Hello Everyone!!! I need some help related to my course project for my speech processing class.I did my CLAD certification in 2010 but haven't worked much with labview. I want to use labview for my project so that i could gain some experience. Kindly suggest some projects related to speech processing that would involve basic labview use. Thanks!!
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