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  1. I think I should clarify my situation and my suggestion. I am inheriting code with at least a hundred settings, mostly stored in clusters. These settings are saved in between runs of the program, so the user can start back where he exited the program. These settings are currently put into a giant cluster and passed into a manually-coded vi (call it MasterStore.vi), where the cluster is manually disassembled, and each setting is manually saved into an xml file. So they have a hundred calls to the "Store to <xml> File" vi (I forget what it's called) and another hundred calls to the "Re
  2. I've been using the OpenG Variant to Config VI to save clusters. It is a very nice function, but there are two issues which prevent it from being as useful as it could be. The first is that if I have a cluster with two identically-named items (stupid to do, but for argument's sake), one of the two values will not be saved. This is because the key in the key-value pair is the same in both cases, and so the second value with name "Variable" overwrites the first. The second, closely related, is that if I have a nameless field in a cluster, this will go unsaved entirely (and will, in fact, thr
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