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  1. Hi Mate, Any progress? I was able to boot from the utility of Labview RT check via Virtualbox, but the LV RT couldn't support the virtual HW like ethernet card. Not sure if we can modify the virtual HW to suit LV RT specs, since inherent based hardware is supported. However, the learning curve for this virtualization support is far too steep. Cheers!
  2. I wanted to test my application which consist of a host PC and a LV-RT. In max, there's a tool: "Creating Desktop PC Utility USB Drive". I downloaded the files from NI website and created an *.iso from the "image" folder. However i wasn't able to boot that iso from VirtualBox. Sorry that its off topic, just to check if anyone has the same experience. I'm running LV2011, VB 4.1.4 Or, anyone has solution for this?? Many thanks!
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