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  1. I installed another Ubuntu on Virtual Machine and after installing VI Package Manager I had the same problems that happened on my previous Ubuntu. I guess this installation (or things I did in order to be able to install) changes the permissions of /tmp somehow. Now that I noticed this, I installed array library and they are installed but not on the palette. I have the array.llb somewhere under user.lib.Since this library is already installed, if I install the latest version of dynamic palette manually I guess it should show everything that is already installed?
  2. I tried system restart as well. After system restart I noticed I have JKI on my right click menu but nothing else. Well this is something Whenever I try to install it connects to LabVIEW and then starts unpacking and all, then uninstalls it immediately. This happens with many of them and I don't get the LabVIEW symbol next to them. But there are some that have the LabVIEW icon next to them but there are no icons and they cannot be found by searching. I can see the installed ones under user.lib (Thank you Ton), I have time comparison and some others already there. I have no idea why some of the packages are special :S I am thinking of doing a fresh install of Ubuntu since I changed a lot and it does not look stable. I will come back here if I still cannot install some of the libraries. But I think problem is not Ubuntu since some packages are installed...
  3. Yes I have done exactly that. Now that they are installed how can I use them? I cannot find them when I right click or when I search.
  4. Hello, I managed to install VI Packet Manager in Ubuntu Oneiric and downloaded many libraries. The problem is I cannot see those libraries in my LabVIEW 2011. I saw Packet Builder is only available for Windows. The VIPM downloaded the ogp files and some other files under its cache folder but I have no idea how to access them in LabVIEW. This sounds extremely trivial and may be that is why I was not able to find the solution after searching for couple of hours. If there is no packet builder in Linux then why do we have VIPM? How do we use the downloaded libraries? Thanks, Şenol
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