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  1. Dear LabVIEW User, I have to implement some VisualBasic.NET dlls in LabVIEW 8.21. Unfortunately LV8.21 has a problem to show all methods, only some of them are available. Within LabVIEW 8.6 I can see and use all methods. Maybe there is a way how the public interface in a .NET DLL have to be designed for the use with LV8.21. The .NET programmer told me, that there is an influence if generic dictionaries are be used … I am curries to get your response… thanks… and warm greetings from Germany… Norbert
  2. Dear LVers, I am seaching for a way to implement a ActiveX dll with structures in LabVIEW. When I try to call a method with the Invoke Node functionality in LabVIEW the function name is visible (grayed) but not selectable ... I know, we could write a wrapper, but I hope there is any other solution. Greetings from Germany Norbert
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