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  1. I haven't installed LV2011 yet so I can't see 0_o's db and dynamic loading example but I tried using queues and it actually was quite clean looking and super fast so I think that would be one of the best ways to go. Thanks for everyone's input it seems like there are many different ways of accomplishing what I want to do. One thing that I found that was really annoying when working with sub panels is that I couldn't probe my sub vi's because when the main GUI wanted to open then it would throw error 1144 if I already had the vi that the sub panel was trying to open open, I can't open them while running either. How do I go about debugging if I can't probe stuff.
  2. My attraction to using shared variables is that they are very easy to work with but as you said data rates are not extremely high. 60 Hz is okay but I would prefer to start with a architecture that can be a bit faster. I would not be communicating over a network though, it would just be between a few VI's in sub panels. Would the communication be faster then? The application that I want to rewrite uses AMC message queues and gets similar data rates but there is quite a bit of overhead which I think might be slowing the data rates down. What would be one of the faster architectures that I could use? Also would a mixture of different methods be advisable? Such as DVR's for events and then Shared variables for data? I am quite new to labview so I was wondering how you would get a reference from one VI to another? I have been trying to use the Static VI Reference but I don't know how to implement it or break out the separate references such as buttons and indicators. Is that even how it works?
  3. Hi everyone I have a question about how I should approach the design of an application. Here it goes. I am making a DAC which will be reading data from multiple sources and controlling servos/steppers based on some control inputs and then logging things like position strain gauge readings and rpm. All that is fine and I have made successful DACs which perform those tasks. Now I want to make each portion of a separate vi and integrate them together in one main gui using subpanels. I have seen this done using the AMC message queues, which worked but seemed overly complicated and messy. I know this could be done using shared variables but I am not sure what the drawbacks/challenges I would face are? Would this be a viable way to go about doing this? Is there another cleaner way via events or something I haven't mentioned? I have been try to use VI Server References but I don't know how to transfer that data between sub panels, can this be done? I am using Labview 2010 and have access to if needed 2011. Thanks in advance!
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