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  1. Thankyou Jeffrey Habates and COsiecki you are completely right, I can use popups, I am creating those popups dialog vi following this tutorial http://www.ni.com/white-paper/8768/en Have a nice day
  2. Right, That is my problem, if it is not possible I will copy my VI and remove the popups for remote control. Thankyou Javier
  3. I have a VI with some Dialog Boxes and I implemented this VI to be cotrolled through internet. My problem is that those popup messages are not loaded through internet and my VI stops running so I think to replace those dialog messages with a simple text indicator and two buttons, but to do this first I need to know if my VI is remotely controlled, is there a way to know that? Thankyou Javier Viniegra
  4. #frasescelebrespeje la nómina del gobierno es de un billón de pesos a chingaaaa y eso como. Un billón es un millón de millónes

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