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  1. Hihow to insert hyper-link in Multicolumn Listbox at run time?
  2. Hi i finally solved. i should install SQL client in Target PC. after installed , my program worked. Thanks
  3. Thanks but i build an installer and i can't run it manually and i want to run it automatically.
  4. Hi I should connect to PLC LS .i can’t use OPC-LS so I decided to make 3 file. One of them (opc.vi) to connect to plc and another (main.vi) to show of result of testing and For relation between PLC and Main program I use Shared Variable Library and make “OPC-Share.lvlib”. When I make these 3 file and run in the LabVIEW and build EXE file, every thing is OK, but when I build Installer file, this not work correctly. I set these items : . . Project . . .Main.vi Propertise . . .OPC.vi Propertise . . .Deploy ALL .
  5. I know how to Configure Windows for right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew but when i ticked "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)" , i should insert windows CD in CD-ROm and i don't have Windows CD.
  6. i don't find any setting for orientation and direction. may you show me. destination computer doesn't have any font! i don't have Windows CD. Can i install my font(Persian Font)?
  7. Hi all I used the Persian language in my application I use a program Convert between ASCII and Unicode V 1.0.0. But when I run the application on the destination computer, I have two problems: 1 - Words should be from right to left, but there are from left to right 2 - Letters should be sticking together, but there are separated How do I solve these problems my labview version is 2009. in my computer , i write useunicode=true in "labview.ini" Grateful
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