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  1. Hi, I have a graph that shows me the digital input, 0’s and 1’s, I am getting across time. Now I want to select data and just take for example consecutives 1’s that have been detected for at least 3 seconds. I found a function that can do that: the Threshold Peak Detector VI, but this is for analog data, isn’t it? Can anyone tell me if there is a function that can do what I need and it is working for digital data? Thanks in advance, Carola
  2. Thank you for your replies. I am new with that and I am a little bit lost... So, I learned from the Labview forum that to do what I wanted to do with the event structure was not possible. I am finally trying to use the Count_Digital Events.vi although right now I still cannot use it because it is counting the photodetection events way too fast. Alternatively I wrote something it is working more or less OK. Thank you for your help! Count_Digital_Events.vi CARO_Count_PHOTODETECTION.vi
  3. Hi all, I want to count the number of digital inputs I am getting. I found the “Toggleincrement” function (see attachment) that is counting inputs controlled by a Boolean Control using an Event Structure. Now, when I change the Boolean Control for my digital input the Event Structure does not work anymore. Could somebody help me please? Thanks! Carola toggleincrement.vi
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