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  1. Thanks guys for your valuable suggestion..... If I am controlling the helicopter using GPS assistance, can I fly it in small open areas such as a play ground. I am talking about the resolution of the gps device.What is the smallest distance between two points that can be set so that the GPS device can clearly distinguish those two points. If anyone has knowledge about GPS devices please share...... Thank you all for your time.....
  2. Dear Friends, I want to make a remote controlled helicopter with a camera attached that can stream live video to my computer. For this I am planning to buy an RC toy helicopter and a wireless live streaming video camera. I want to control the helicopter with help of LabVIEW software and the streamed video from the camera, which is attached to the helicopter, to be displayed in LabVIEW's Front Panel. This is for my college project and when I have discussed this with my guide, he told me that a helicopter with a camera attached is nothing much for a project. So I thought about adding some exc
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