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  1. Hello ShaunR, Find attached an example file. Thanks. Example.vi
  2. Hello everyone, I have a VI that loads an ASCII file and plots each one of the columns on graphs. It works very well but the problem is that the number of columns may vary. Some ASCII files have 3 columns and others have 40. I made an Array of Clusters and inside each cluster there is a graph that is fed with data from the ASCII file. I would like to know if there is a way to adjust the scales of the graphs individully. Currently, as you change the scale into one graph, it is spreaded over all graphs in all clusters of the arrray. This has been already asked before in another forum but I didn't get a solution yet. Actually, I believe that there is no solution for this since elements in a array should share the same properties. Then, I am looking for a workaround. Thanks. Dan07.
  3. Ok, I agree with you. I will follow your advice. Thanks a lot. Dan07.
  4. Sorry about that but I was just trying to post my questions to as much people as possible. I am quite new to LAVA, is it not allowed to post the same question on different forums? Sorry for any inconvenience. Dan07.
  5. Hello all, I am aware about the fact that Front Panel must be open in order to Events Handler VI can Handle the events. However, even using User Events I can't achieve the expected result. In short, my goal is: I want to have a main VI (lets call it as MAIN) that will have a splitter. The upper panel will be a header with a Selector Control. The lower panel will be a subpanel. Into this subpanel I want to load several subvis as I change the Selector Control. Into these Subvis I want to have controls that will generate information that will be presented into indicators in the same Subvi and in other Subvis. Even if I have SUBVI 1 loaded into MAIN vi, when I push a button (for example) in SUBVI 1 I want that the action trigger a event that will be handled by another VI (EVENTS HANDLER) and the result will be new information showed into indicators at the same Subvi where event was generated (SUBVI 1 in this example) or in other Subvi (SUBVI 2 for example). In other words, events triggered from SUBVI 1 could affect indicators in SUBVI 1 and SUBVI 2, and events triggered from SUBVI 2 could affect indicators in SUBVI 1 and SUBVI 2. In summary, five VIs: INITIALIZATION (to populate clusters with real references) SUBVI 1 SUBVI 2 MAIN EVENTS HANDLER. Help. Thanks. Dan07.
  6. Hello, I am trying to run a code where I have a "Main VI" with a header and a SubPanel. As I change the value of the Selector into the header, the SubPanel should show a SubVI. Into the SubVI I have buttons that will generate random numbers for the Indicator 1 (SubVI 1) and for Indicator 2 (SubVI 2). The idea is, as I push the button for random number generation, the Indicator will be updated even if the SubVI currently showed into the SubPanel of the Main VI is not the one that contains the indicator that will get the new random number. I created references cluster (strict type def) to make things easier. Find attached a zip file. Uncompress all files to one single folder and run Initialization VI.vi file. An error message (1001 - Front Panel is not open) will pop up and Main VI.vi don't open, as it was to supposed to. I changed "Windows appearance" to Default, Dialog, etc. and tried almost everything but I am not getting the expected result. Of course this code is just an example to show what I want to achieve, that's why it is so simple. Thanks all. Dan07. Example.zip
  7. jcarmody Thanks for the suggestion but the cluster is to big for that. it will take to much work to accomplish this task. However, I followed ShaunR (build a cluster instead of an array) and everything works great now. Thanks all. Dan07.
  8. ShaunR Your solution is great! Is it possible to merge all References Cluster into one but when I unbundle it by name and select which element I want, don't have to select first the source cluster (in your example, Cluster 1 or Cluster 2) and then the reference that I want? Is it possible to bypass the selection of the Cluster name (Cluster 1 or Cluster 2) and have only the list of all objects in Cluster 1 and Cluster 2, everything together into one single list? Thanks. Dan07.
  9. Hello, I have two reference clusters that are strict type def. and I need to merge them into one but keeping the Labels of the objects. This is just an example because I have a larger code with several objects and I need to merge references clusters into one, since many SubVIs have unbundle by name functions already setted. It is a long story. LOL I don't need to have it happening on run time, it can be done before allowing me to create one single reference cluster that I will feed to my unbundle functions into the SubVIs. Find below a picture showing what I want to achieve. Thanks. Dan07
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