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  1. Hello, I'm just trying to replicate a hardware knob control by customizing one knob with two .png files. But, the needle image on the knob control doesn't rotate over the center so I can't use my marker image. I also tried adding different angles of the markers.png in a picture ring control to put it on to the knob control, but I can't paint the frame of the picture ring transparent. Also I don't like this way of doing it with objects superposed. Someone knows a better way to do it? Thank you so much. I attach the files that I want to use in this control
  2. Thank you very much, this solve my problem and makes me understand a little bit better how LabVIEW updates the front panel. Thank you again!
  3. Hello, I'm just starting the UI for an app, only 2 or 3 buttons are implemented yet but works really slow when I press the button to show a few indicators. Before I do this way, it just run OK but I was using a tab container instead of the visible property node. Now I realized that I don't need the tab control and I use a global variable to store the actual menu button. Maybe it could be a local variable but I think this is not the reason to run so slowly. Someone can help me with that? Thank so much! UI Folder.zip
  4. OK, I'm sorry about that stupid error. The only that I have to do is to remove the plus block in the outter for loop. Now it works fine. Thank you very much.
  5. Thanks for your fast reply, I just change the Buffer Full indicator and now the event structure works properly. BUT if I remove the max queue size, the number of elements displayed would be in increment. drjdpowell, sorry, I don't understand where I'm wrong with the numbers of iterations. When I run the highlight execution the queue get the correct size of elements, 5 in this case, then the event structure flush the queue, and start again from element 1 to 6, 5 again but this time it doesn't trigger the event structure and the for loop keeps waiting. the main reason of doing this VI with queues, event structures, etc is because in the future this project can require real-time data from a mic or a NI card, or the possibility to add a scroll signal. So I think this form will be more scalable solution but if you know another way better to do it, please make me know it. thank you so much
  6. Hi, I'm trying to show a waveform from a file using the waveform graph, but I modified my diagram to be able to show it from the index of the array that I want. In this case I have a buffer size and I display the signal from 0 to buffer size, then from 1 to buffer size +1, and so on. But I can't understand why the code stops at certain point without reaching the total size of the signal. You have here my VI and the file with the waveform, maybe you need to change the path on the diagram to be able to open the file. Also I use the waveform as an array internally beacuse I will need to do some work with it later. If you can help me with that I will be very thankful Desplazamiento2.vi archivo.lvm.zip
  7. Thank you OK I just reported the bug to NI. I will post here their response.
  8. Yes, I'm using an express VI. I don't know how to upload the file to the forum, you have it here: http://www.2shared.c...qBSEg/test.html Thanks! test.vi
  9. I'm using the express VI and waiting for a second, I don't know another way to do it, I'm just starting with Labview Thanks Sorry I don't know about libraries yet, I'm just starting with Labview and a guide book. I just put an acquire sound express VI and convert the dynamic data into an array to get the size. I'm trying to make a scope and for some calculus I need the right amount of data. I'm learning now about queue the data to implement the diferents types of inputs I need as mic, text o wav files. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm trying get the correct size of the array data from the acquire sound block. I have set it up at 44100 Hz sample rate and 1 second of duration. I convert the output data from dynamic data to single waveform and then using get waveform components I can get the size of the Y array. But the size I get is 33075 samples, instead of 44100. I don't know where are the 1025 samples, maybe this samples are used to carry the timestamp and dt info. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
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