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  1. Thanks for your reply. This is a flexible way to achieve the result.
  2. Hi All, Which style TABLE control can support the direct input and selective input as same? or how to achieve this function? I have tried the Modern/Classic/System style Table, but can not find a way to achieve this goal.
  3. Thanks, this is the same code. Yes, I do not specify the path. Thanks, yes, this is the private method until LV2011. I also heard it becomes to public one on LV2012. This morning, I asked another people to test on LV2012. Unluckily, the result is still failed. Of course, I don't verify it personally. Yes, this is
  4. As above the code, it work fine under development platform, but failed when building .exe application. After troubleshot, find out the broken point is the Clipboard.Get Image. What is the problem? Why does it not work fine? This vi is used to copy the screen shot, and then save to PNG file. Update: 1. Thanks, mje. Attache the VI, in fact you can copy the PNG file to BD directly and get the code. screenshot.vi
  5. “笑吧你。现在没人可获得1TB免费上传空间。” Flickr @Yahoo 现在搞大了。。。

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