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  1. Hi guys! I have here a LabVIEW 2014 project which was compiled into a .NET Interop Assembly. Now I try to activate the LabVIEW Remote Panel Server for the assembly. Apparently it seems to be active. But for every VI i get the message that it is not in memory. But I am sure that these are in memory. When I compile the project to an executable, everything runs fine. Does anyone have a hint what I am doing wrong? the content of the ini file (InteropAssembly.ini): [InteropAssembly] server.app.propertiesEnabled=True server.ole.enabled=True server.tcp.acl="290000000A000000010000001D00000003000000010000002A10000000030000000000010000000000" server.tcp.enabled=True server.tcp.port=3361 server.tcp.paranoid=True server.tcp.serviceName="" server.vi.access="+*" server.vi.callsEnabled=True server.vi.propertiesEnabled=True WebServer.Enabled=True WebServer.TcpAccess="c+*" WebServer.ViAccess="+*" DebugServerEnabled=True DebugServerWaitOnLaunch=False
  2. That's what I thought Templates are no alternative for us. We have nearly 100 .NET classes with similar events that I would like linked via scripting. So i must code it manually What a fun. Thanks for your response
  3. Hi! Does anybody know how i can set the event in the register event callback node programmatically? Andy
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