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  1. But it works, when i do it not with LabVIEW. When I launch VIs from Start->NI->NImx->Instruments, it works correctly.
  2. Hello. I would be very grateful if you helped me with this trouble. I tried to supply voltage divider from function generator and to acquire voltage on the second resistor and voltage from generator with oscilloscope in LabVIEW. After compiling the project every time I have the same error (ERROR - 1073807343 Insufficient location information on the device or resource is not present in the system). In field "Resource Name" I've tried to type DAQ::2 or DAQ::Dev2. After this I tried to change device name in MAX, but an error was the same. I haven't find solution of my problem on forum. Can anybody tell me what I've done wrong? Thank you.
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