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  1. The examples didn't work exactly as-is for me. I had to make some modifications and wanted to share them on this thread. The script modifications allow for LVCompare.exe to work on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems, however it has not been tested on a 64-bit system yet. To use this with Atlassian SourceTree, modify your .gitconfig file to include: [diff] tool = "sourcetree" [difftool "sourcetree"] cmd = ''C:/<INSERT PATH TO SCRIPT HERE>/_LVCompareWrapper.sh'' "$REMOTE" "$LOCAL" where <INSERT PATH TO SCRIPT HERE> can be wherever you decide to save the shell (.sh) file. Here is the contents of the "_LVCompareWrapper.sh" file #!/bin/bash # Method to determine absolute path # The -W parameter on the pwd command is necessary to return the Windows # version of the path. Not using the -W parameter will result in a conversion # of temp directory to a 'tmp' path meaningful only in the Linux environment. # Piping the result through tr '/' '\\' translates the forward slashes to backslashes. # Windows understands forward slashes, but LVCompare.exe does not. abspath () { ( DIR=$(dirname "$1") FN=$(basename "$1") cd "$DIR" echo -n "$(pwd -W)/$FN" | tr '/' '\\' ) } lvcompareNormalLocation="C:/Program Files/National Instruments/Shared/LabVIEW Compare/LVCompare.exe" lvcompare64bitWin32bitLV="C:/Program Files (x86)/National Instruments/Shared/LabVIEW Compare/LVCompare.exe" if [ -e "$lvcompareNormalLocation" ]; then lvcompare="$lvcompareNormalLocation" elif [ -e "$lvcompare64bitWin32bitLV" ]; then lvcompare="$lvcompare64bitWin32bitLV" else echo "LVCompare not found!" exit fi #echo "Using $lvcompare" local=$(abspath "$2") remote=$(abspath "$1") echo Launching "$lvcompare" #echo Launching "$lvcompare" -nobdpos -nofppos "$local" "$remote" exec "$lvcompare" -nobdpos -nofppos "$local" "$remote"
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