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  1. this is exactly what I am searching for! thank you!
  2. Hello guys! Is it possible to parse and evaluate a boolean expression stored in a string with standard LV VIs? I can't find anything.. Expression like this one: 1==2 && (2!=5 || 2 > 5) I'm building a configuration xml-file with if-attributes for conditions: <item name="xyz" if="{namespace:variable} == 3" /> The first step is replacing the variables within {} with actual values. This is the easy part. The hard part is to evaluate the results...
  3. When calling a modal dialog in the main VI, I can almost always close its parent using the task bar (right click and close). The parent disappears but the modal child still there. It is not the purpose of a modal window. As far as I know, systems native modal diologs prevent any interaction with their caller. Can I "protect" the main window from beeing closed when the modal dialog is shown? Or close the modal dialog too? LV 2012 Dialog.vi Main.vi I'm using Windows 7.
  4. Borderless Arrays and Cluster with Classic palette! Yeah!

  5. Good morning, guys. What could be a good way for providing localized error messages with additional information? Like "File settings.ini was not found". Or is it better to build the error source like this: Localization would cut out the <err> part and translate it only, then append the additional information like file name. Are those tags documented somewhere?
  6. Sometimes Ctrl+. helps. And you can almost always close the parent vi using the task bar context menu and it will terminate the blocking sub vi.
  7. I would like to have a reusable tool bar for all the dialogs that need one. And preserve the same look across different applications. I Windows-like toolbar, not just a bunch of system buttons. For the XControl I have to store icons and descriptions and make those editable through a configuration dialog. Could take some time to develop such a XControl. But probably there is no way around it..
  8. I would like to integrate a tool bar in my application, but can't find any to download or to buy. Is there any XControl like the tool bar in VIPM and other tools from JKI? Putting buttons in a part of a splitted panel is not the solution.. Building own XControl would take too much time to make it properly.
  9. LV seems to grab the "screenshot" of a control. Assuming the shape of the control is constant you could use your own mask. I'm getting transparent icons out of the ring control by setting the background to pink and masking the Get Image result (maybe not the best, but a working solution).
  10. I'm working on a similar problem too. I do have a generic driver and its specific implementations. The data is stored in a DVR, but I have to access and extend the variables in the child classes. I could use the Variant to store the data (accessing it by read and write attribute). I would access the data out of every child without passing the reference to them.. I'm going to test it on monday, but maybe somebody has a better solution.
  11. I'm using this technique by storing the ref to the private data of a class. But the problem I'm facing now is that I can not extend the private data by inheriting the class. I have to create a new or a second reference in the child class. Or use variants to store the data.
  12. The global variable was my first idea too, but I can't encapsulate it in a class. The FG should do it. Thank you!
  13. Hello! Is it possible (or how?) to have so persistent data over all objects inheriting from one generic class? I do have a class called "GenericView" and this class contains a list of localization strings. I would like to interit from this class in all classes which have some UI outputs. But I want do fill those language string just one time at startup. In PHP or Java i would declare a static variable for a localization class...
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