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  1. I'd like to use this package with LV 2010. Any chance?
  2. Thank you for all suggestion but I want to do it by myself. It's an test and I want to pass it. So I can better understand many things.
  3. Someone else did already all the hard work of figuring out how to call the sqlite API in LabVIEW. but i do not have lv2011
  4. here is. I'm not an expert, please help me.
  5. uint32_t sqlite3_open(const CStr arg1, uint8_t *arg2); do not work ...
  6. I can't call the following dll function .... int sqlite3_open( const char *filename, /* Database filename (UTF-8) */ sqlite3 **ppDb /* OUT: SQLite db handle */);
  7. Hi all. I need help understanding events handling.
  8. thank you for the description, but i tried to do what you wrote without any success... probably i didnt understand the way events work.
  9. Thank you. The example is ok. I have another question related: is it possible to have a vi running always on top, type on that and that vi send the events to the desired vi. Something like on-screen-keyboard with the keyboard focused that send the button pressure (corresponding to a keyboard keystroke) to a desired vi running? I'm not sure I said it in the right way.
  10. hi Ravi, unluckly I can't open the vis you posted cause I have LV2009 and you did them with 2011... If can repost them i will appreciate. thanks
  11. Hi all. I need to control a vi sending event (keydown) from a different vi. Want I'd like to do is some kind of keylogger, so i want to cacth the keystroke,log it and then send it to the second vi. I guess it's possible to do it with register events subvis.
  12. Maybe I'm wrong, but can you explain me this http://www.mysql.com/about/legal/licensing/index.htmlhttp://www.mysql.com/about/legal/licensing/index.html
  13. I'm trying to understand if there is a licensing problem using MySQL database with the NI DB Connectivity Tool. The ODBC provided with are GPL-licensed and I think that if you link you code with it, there can be a problem if you plan to use a license different from GPL. Moreover I find that NI DB Connectivity Tool is quite slow.
  14. Hi all. Is irt possible to discover the license number of the labview used to create a source vi. Example: if a give someone a VI, is this guy able to know the proprietary of the labview used to write that vi? thank you.
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