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  1. Hi all, I used the property SubVIs[] of diagram ref, but I found the VIs in the case structure can't be gotten~ how to get it? Thanks~ LV7.1
  2. So, the semaphore is stored in global and refered by its name, right? i only hold its name and "new" the semaphore when i need it.
  3. Hi, the following VI domestrates the LV2G of a semaphore named "test", but the semaphore can't GET . Is reasonable to use LV2G for semaphore? or something happened here? So strange. Download File:post-2988-1140439962.vi
  4. Hi, all of the node in LV can be generated in BD? such as "insert array" node? Thanks.
  5. alphaone


    Yes, this asynchronous process is quite necessary. The seperation of the WRITE and READ can clear and simlify the instruments controlling i think. Thank you for the inspiration.
  6. alphaone


    Alright, thank you, it's what i need:)
  7. alphaone


    yes, that was the way i tried, but i think some poll mechanism will be better~. i don't find the SCPI command for this yet. Could you have some advice?
  8. alphaone


    Hi guys, I use VSA to measure the Channel Power, the average number is setting to 100. I write the ":READ:CHP?" and then execute the "VISA READ", but at this time, the measuring is not finished. so, the ERROR "Time out" will appear. How can i judge the measuring is done? I don't want to use "delay" . Thanks
  9. Maybe, this is a solution that use "Type Case" to transfered. Download File:post-2988-1134030669.vi Download File:post-2988-1134030858.vi Download File:post-2988-1134030911.vi
  10. Hi, I input a "Numeric" with Unit of "Hz", and output to a "Numeric indicator",the fatal error happened when running. Check the following figures. And I want use the Numeric control with Unit input into the "Formular Node", but it can't do! Using the Unit would be couraged?? Download File:post-2988-1134008598.vi
  11. Liiva, Well, the for loop is just a example as "doing some time-cosuming job", i don't care the result. I mean that I don't hope the useless operation on the useless branch. It's better that the "select node" judges the condition first, then select one branch to operate,just like "Select Structure". Thanks:) BR.
  12. The following diagram is not efficient, thought we can use "Select Structure", i hope some improvement on "select node" that pre-judge which branch will be executed. BTW, i hope the "hot-key" for the popup menu on diagram.~~ i like use the keyboard instead of mouse click~. Download File:post-2988-1133490857.vi
  13. Hi, in the following VI, I can transfer CSG number to String, but fail in transfering String to Number. Is there function to do that? Thanks :headbang: Download File:post-2988-1133282901.vi
  14. Or, Tools->Option->Front panel, check the "Use Transparent Name Label".
  15. Hi, the following figure shows that difference, when I flatten a constant (32-bit Integer),the type string is same as the document detailed. but, I change it to Control, the type string is also changed! I don't understand the othen data. I can not find help with NI document. What is meaning of this data? Thanks.
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