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  1. Yes, your suggestion works perfect! I am using it!!!
  2. Thanks you guys!! Afer I replied to myself, I realized you guys had gave me some suggestions to try. I will give this a shot and let you know. Thanks again!!
  3. Hi, its me replying to myself. I wanted you all to know that I figured out a way to do this using 'Index Array'. I end the loop on when one of the cluster array string fields is NULL. Seems like a lengthy and wierd way to accomplish this looping but is in fact working. If anyone knows of an easier more direct way, please let me know. Download File:post-10-1079307478.doc
  4. In using the 'Librarian.vi', I see that it creates a cluster array. I have been trying to create a loop that will loop for each array index of this cluster array. And extrapolate iformation from each index. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I have tried wiring it to a 'For Loop' but it does not iterate for the total array indexes, only does 1 iteration (and there are about 50 indexes). I have tried so many things and simply don't know how to accomplish this. I am trying to run a loop so that I can write path and filename information to a file of all the VI's (or array i
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