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  1. How would you wire it then to have it accept complex numbers because each time that I'm doing it I'm getting errors.
  2. I'm trying to do a quadratic formula .vi I have the equation complete and everything will run fine for real numbers, but when I try to get an answer for the imaginery numbers I can't display it in the indicators all I'm getting is NaN. Any help would be appreciated. Download File:post-3066-1134010336.vi
  3. Thank you for the help I understand what my problem was.
  4. Ok lets say that if I put 1.5 into the "n" field the case structure that I have in the vi will go to 4 there isn't a way that from within that case theres a LED that will blink 6 times and stop while running continously?
  5. I've been able to get that far but it keeps blinking. I need it to stop blinking at the 6th blink.
  6. I have this factorial vi all set up but now I need to add an LED that will blink for only 6 times when a decimal number is inputted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Download File:post-3066-1128963057.vi
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