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  1. QUOTE (ElijahRock @ Apr 28 2009, 02:34 PM) Following up on what Elijah said, here are some more ideas for tracing large apps. The filtering is 1.0 was not very efficient on large datasets, especially if you tried to filter out a lot of data. If this is the case, the tool might appear hung, while it's actually filtering the data. Filtering the data also doesn't reduce the amount of data being published by LabVIEW, rather, it removes the events from the view. A better way might be to reduce the number of events you trace by going to the "Configure Trace Session" dialog and only trace those events that you think are needed. If you're looking for memory allocations, then this along with VI execution might be what you choose. Another trick to reduce the CPU resources consumed by the Trace Tool is to turn the Display Refresh Off while gathering data. If you could tell us more about the crashes you experienced, that would be very useful. Screenshots would be useful of any dialogs etc. to help us narrow down the problem. Right now we don't have any known crashes, but as Elijah mentioned several improvements have been made when it comes to filtering large datasets in the current beta. -tychoc
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